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NAPN  having 5 regional offices and 40 District Chapters; lead by PLHIV , looking for the best to work with the project to attain its goal and result. NAP+N invite application for the following positions for the Targeted Intervention services for PLHIV for its field office to run Community Care Centers.

Monitoring & Evaluation Associate-1 position (Kathmandu based)


2nd National Congress of PLHA in Nepal,

11-12 July 2011, Dhulikhel, Kavre

Between, July 11 - 12 over 300 delegates convened in Dhulikhel for the Second National Congress of People Living with HIV (PLHAs) in Nepal. The delegates represented over 50 districts and 7000 registered members from all regions of the country.


New Board Members


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2nd Congress Photo


Watch the movie clips of Boycott protest of World AIDS Day 2010

Clip One ----- Protest Participants demanding to search 2200 HIV positive who is missing from ARV treatment.

Clip Two ----- Mr. Rajiv Kafle, President of National Association of PLHA in Nepal and Chairman of Constituent Assembly and Speaker of Interim Legislative Parliament, Subhash Chandra Nembang.




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National Association of PLHA in Nepal (NAP+N)
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National Association of People Living with HIV/AIDS in Nepal (NAP+N) is a non-political, non religious, non-governmental, non-profitable, autonomous network of People Living with HIV/AIDS and as such, a platform for collaboration, cooperation, joint action and collective endeavor between PLHA and HIV/AIDS organizations in Nepal.

NAP+N is established in 2003 in order to combat this epidemic with the joint effort of PLHAs in Nepal. The common goal was "To unite all those living with the virus in Nepal and fight back". Since its establishment with 30 members in first NCM from 8 districts of Nepal, it has expanded its regional office in 5 regions and 40 districts. More than 58 staffs in the region and central office are engaging to improve the quality of life of PLHAs and HIV AND AIDS free society. 120 PLHA organizations are affiliated to NAP+N and has estimated 7000 members. 61 PLHA organizations are getting financial support for institutional development, care and support for the PLHA'S in Nepal.


Mr. Rajiv Kafle, Former President, NAP+N (2002 - 2011)

National Association of People living with AIDS in Nepal (NAP+N) aims at uniting people living with AIDS from across the country to ensure access to treatment, care, support and meaningful involvement at all levels. Only few years back it was difficult for people living with AIDS to lead a normal life without a fear of discrimination. Today there are more than 100 groups led by PLHAs themselves across the country. Few years back access to treatment and care was a distant dream for PLHAs in the country. Now those who need treatment do not have to travel very far to get it. This is a result of the collective effort of all those who are working at different levels especially on the forefront of this battle against AIDS. NAPN looks forward to become the leader in fighting AIDS in Nepal.


Ms. Natisara Rai, President, NAP+N 2011

National Association of People Living with HIV/AIDS in Nepal (NAP+N) has been working for the rights of PLWHA since 2003.  Importantly: NAP+N has been advocating for PLWHAs treatment and care including raising awareness in community, national and international levels.
In the capacity of national network of PLWHA, NAP+N has been focusing to insure rights of all PLWHA in Nepal.  Due to limited resources, NAP+N have not been able to continuously meet the basic requirements of all PLWHAs.
Being HIV positive women, I am aware of the troubles women PLHWA face in day to day life. I would appreciate the help of all stakeholders including national and international communities to uplift the lives of PLWHA women and correlated issues. I hope by working together, we can ensure equity and meet the countries target.
Previous leader’s positive thought and support, women leadership has been accepted. I see this transformation as women empowerment which will be a model for social transformation.  I hope this transformation will tear down the ill thought and patriarchy society.


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